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Volunteers deliver meals to seniors on Christmas Day

Posted December 26, 2017 12:52 p.m. EST

— The season of giving was in full swing on Christmas Day with a Nashville-based Meals on Wheels program.

About 300 volunteers loaded up with hot meals to take to seniors and homebound adults in Middle Tennessee.

Some of those volunteers have come back for years to visit those who can't leave their homes.

As drivers made their way through the parking lot, they heard Christmas carols on guitar and words of thanks for donating their time.

Janet Jernigan, director of FiftyForward, spoke to News 4 about how people react when volunteers show up.

"They many times will just call back and say they appreciated the meal, they enjoyed the volunteers, especially when the volunteers have children," Jernigan said. "They love to see the little children come and visit because they don't see children ordinarily."

"What this allows people to do is have someone new say hi and know that somebody else is out there in this world that's taking care of them," said Gary Parker, a volunteer.

Dollar General partnered with FiftyForward to give fleece blankets as gifts.

Volunteers said the visits give them a chance to connect with seniors in their community.