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Violent Portland sex offender charged with attacking two women after violating parole

Posted November 22, 2017 11:23 a.m. EST

— A prolific and violent sex offender who violated his parole in September allegedly attacked two more women while he was wanted by police.

Since 58-year-old Dennis Davis got out of prison in 2015, he's been arrested 11 times for violating his parole. Most recently, officials said Davis allowed the battery in his GPS monitoring bracelet to run out and police couldn't find him for several days.

They last tracked him near the Moda Center, but on Sept. 29, court records state he showed up at Southwest 5th Avenue and Salmon Street in downtown Portland.

"He started coming across the road and yelling, 'I'm going to take my shirt off, that's it'. We had no idea what he was talking about," a woman who said she was attacked by Davis told FOX 12.

The woman – who only wants to be known as Terry – was out with a bachelorette party that Friday night. She said a strange man started yelling and following them and then all of a sudden, "He started ripping his shirt off and coming towards us. And out of nowhere, he ran up behind one of my friends and started punching her from behind, in the chest. So we all started running."

Most of the women got into their car, but before Terry could get away, she said the man targeted her.

"And he came up behind me and started punching me in the chest and I tripped," she remembered. "It was so random. We were all in shock. We didn't think anything. We're all just like, did that really just happen?"

Two witnesses saw the attack and chased the man away. Terry and her friends called police. They gave a detailed description and officers arrested Davis later that night, but it wasn't until Terry saw Davis' picture on the news that she realized who he was.

Considering his past, she is grateful that she and her friends weren't hurt worse.

"It's scary. We were lucky. I mean, compared to everyone else, it's a minor thing. But it would be nice to have him get the help he needs so that he's not on the streets," she said.

Davis is charged with assault and harassment in this new case and he has a plea hearing Wednesday. Davis' post-prison supervision expires in December 2018, unless the state parole board decides to extend it.