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Violence, fear in opening statements of Franklin County murder trial

Opening statements began Monday in the murder trial of Garry Yarborough, who is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2015.

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Adam Owens
, WRAL reporter
FRANKLINTON, N.C. — Opening statements began Monday in the murder trial of Garry Yarborough, who is accused of ambushing an ex-girlfriend at an ATM, chasing her and killing her three years ago.

In framing the case, attorneys for both prosecution and defense mentioned that surveillance video captured Yarborough and Tracy Williams during her final moments. But in that video, they see different things.

Witnesses to the July 2015 crime said Williams, who had sought a protective order against Yarborough, shot him once before her gun jammed, and he then chased her down and shot her in the head. "Shoots her in the back of the head and throws her out into the parking lot," prosecutor Allison Capps said.

Yarborough's attorney said the meeting at the ATM was to discuss their relationship, and that he only pulled a gun when she frightened him.

Williams' mother said it was her daughter who had reason to be afraid. Before her death, she sought that protective order against Yarborough, changed her vehicle, purchased a gun and took conceal-carry permit classes.

Williams' mother testified to a history of violence, noting a time when she was in the car with her daughter and they were followed by Yarborough. When they stopped, she said, Yarborough yelled at Williams, and Williams fired her gun.

After Williams died, Yarborough went to the home of a nurse he knew to seek treatment for the gunshot wound she left in his leg. Capps said he held that woman at gunpoint to demand first aid.

Williams' family and friends packed the courtroom to glare at him, the 3-year-old attack fresh in their minds.

WRAL News previously reported Yarborough may also be connected to murder cases in Wake and Johnston County. Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle said Monday there are no pending charges against him in her county, and Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said Yarborough isn’t charged in any murder case in her county.