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Vietnam POW to face fears in Fayetteville Veteran's Day parade

Posted November 5, 2015 1:20 p.m. EST
Updated November 6, 2015 6:56 p.m. EST

— A Vietnam veteran is planning to face his fears during the annual Veteran’s Day parade in Fayetteville.

Raymond Schrump was a prisoner of war in Vietman. He was one of many prisoners who spent part of their time in captivity inside a small tiger cage.

“I was held in a cage maybe eight by four or five and all made of bamboo and then wore a chain on my ankle about 15-foot long for the entire time I was a prisoner,” said Schrump.

Schrump said that he watched men die in the cages during the three months he spent locked up inside one of them. He thought for sure that he would not make it out alive.

“And the grace of God, I walked out of there. When I talk to the seer school I always start out by saying you’re looking at an example that it’s possible to live through a POW experience,” said Schrump.

Decades later though, the ordeal still haunts him. During the Fayetteville Veteran’s Day parade, he plans to climb back into a bamboo cage and face his demons as part of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club entry.

“I think this is what I have to do to get over the period of captivity,” said Schrump.