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Video shows California doctor mocking, cursing at patient

Posted June 17, 2018 4:04 p.m. EDT

— A California hospital is apologizing after an emergency room doctor was caught on tape grabbing and mocking a patient.

Samuel Bardwell’s father was recording as Dr. Beth Keegstra administered care to his son.

“There, see, you put your head up. Don’t try to tell me that you can’t move. Come on, sit up. Sit up! Sit up! I am having you sit,” Keegstra can be heard saying on the video.

Bardwell, 20 collapsed after basketball practice on Monday night and was rushed to El Camino Hospital in San Jose.

Bardwell waited three hours to see a doctor. When she finally arrived, she was accompanied by a security guard.

“I knew exactly from when she brought the security guard that it was going to be hostile,” Bardwell said.

Bardwell is a sophomore at West Lake College, where he plays on the school’s basketball team. The 7 foot, 1 inch power forward suffers from debilitating anxiety attacks. He said the most recent one left him unconscious and numb from head to toe.

“It’s very fatal because my eyes were rolled to the back of my head. I could not see, I could not talk. My breathing was getting lower and lower,” he said.

Once at the hospital, Bardwell said the doctor was dismissive of his symptoms, mocking him and cursing at him.

“No, I am not saying anything different than what I have been saying this whole time. No, you have changed your story every [expletive] time,” the doctor can be heard saying on the video.

Bardwell said he still does not understand what triggered the doctor to become so abusive. He said he left the hospital without being fully treated to avoid further injury.

“I wanted to get out of there because I didn’t know if it was going to escalate to the point where she was going to do something worse than she already did,” Bardwell said.

The hospital said they apologized to Bardwell and said that Keegstra has been removed from their list of approved contract doctors.

Bardwell is looking to file a lawsuit in the case.