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Vancouver elects city's first female mayor

Posted November 9, 2017 2:22 p.m. EST

— For the first time in its 106-year history, a woman has been elected to be the mayor of Vancouver.

Ballot returns are showing a big win for Anne McEnerny-Ogle. She is winning with almost 75 percent of the vote.

McEnerny-Ogle has been on the Vancouver City Council since 2014. She is the current mayor pro tem, fulfilling the mayors duties in their absence.

McEnerny-Ogle's opponent, Steven Cox, bowed out of the mayoral race unexpectedly in September.

In recent weeks, write-in candidate Jonathan Sauerwein announced he would jump in the mayoral race but he received just a little more than one percent of the vote.

McEnerny-Ogle says she is excited to get to work and says her win is not about her gender.

"When my colleagues chose not to run for mayor, I said OK. I think I have the experience and the qualifications," said McEnerny-Ogle. "It really has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a woman in this case. It's just that I happen to be very qualified for the job."

The last female mayor in Clark County was Lisa Walters in Battle Ground in 2012.

The new mayor-elect says one of her top priorities when she takes office will be housing for the homeless.