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Utah man gets locked inside 24 Hour Fitness

Posted January 15, 2020 7:34 a.m. EST

— When the words "24 hours" are in the name of a fitness center, one would think it's open 24-7. But a Utah man found out the hard way that isn't always the case.

Dan Hill said he was finishing up his swim at a 24 Hour Fitness late Saturday night. When he went to leave, he couldn't.

"I went to the front door and said, 'Wait. This is locked,'" he said.

After making some phone calls to friends and family, Hill called 911.

"I called dispatch and the guy paused for 10 seconds and said, 'You're where?' And I said I'm in 24 Hour Fitness, and there's an alarm system here and I don't want to get busted for breaking and entering," Hill said.

Hill also posted on Facebook, saying, "I am literally locked inside 24 Hour Fitness right now. They closed the doors and went home while I was swimming my laps in the pool."

After spending more than an hour inside, Hill posted a photo to Facebook with a caption reading, "Free at last! Free at last! Thanks to three nice cops I am free at last."

Hill said he didn't know his experience would go viral and that it's a funny memory he won't forget anytime soon.

"I just thought it was kinda funny at the start," he said. "You know, it was kinda like Home Alone. Like oh my gosh. I have this gym to myself."

The gym's manager said the company changed the hours at some locations nationwide last month.

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