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Using the Bedbug Menace to Your Advantage

Posted October 24, 2013 1:35 p.m. EDT

Just thinking about bedbugs gives me the willies; writing articles about them is even more unpleasant, but I stick it out for the public good. I'm not the only one who lives in fear of bedbugs, though. Most people, quite rightly, avoid these creepy crawlies at all costs, and in regions like New York City where the bedbug population is exploding due to crowding, it's not uncommon to see furniture (sometimes very nice furniture) discarded on the street with a warning sign about bedbugs. Even with New York exterminators working overtime on the bedbug problem, the onslaught never seems to end.

People with a bed bug infestation might not have the werewithal or desire to handle killing the insects in their furnishings, so they sacrifice them to the streets (the responsible thing to do, of course, is to contact a disposal firm about having contaminated furniture hauled). But, as one recent story from the streets of New York reveals, sometimes those warning signs are a trick: a group of enterprising gentlemen spotted some furniture that interested them, put on fake signs about bedbugs, and then zipped back to their abode to get some skateboards for transportation, knowing that the furniture set of their dreams would still be there when they go back!

Well played, sirs. Well played.

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