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UNC, NC State fans: Duct tape your college team spirit

Posted January 31, 2011 4:43 p.m. EST

Just think of all the wonderful uses for duct tape!

There are the traditional uses for sealing and fixing things. And of course plenty of people have come up with some very NON-traditional, even bizarre uses for duct tape, especially considering all of the different colors and prints it now comes in!

Did you know you can buy zebra- and leopard-print duct tape, as well as clear and double-sided versions?

And there are all kinds of lists on the internet suggesting all kinds of uses for the different tapes.

I can’t wait to hear the uses some of you will come up with considering the latest style of duct tape available: duct tape with the logo of your favorite college team!  So far, Duke University did not make the Duck list, but you can buy tape with logos from UNC and NC State.

And after this weekend’s basketball game between the two, I’m certain fans can come with some great ideas for how to use it! By the way, you can buy the tape at area Target, Walmart and Michael’s stores!

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