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UNC Heath and CISCO celebrate partnership, new medical home

Posted October 7, 2015 5:50 p.m. EDT
Updated October 8, 2015 10:01 a.m. EDT

— UNC Health Care and CISCO Systems have become partners in a new high tech venture. The healthcare provider opened a new primary care center on the CISCO campus for their employees and family members.

The two companies celebrated on Wednesday as they opened the doors for about 5,000 CISCO employees and their families to have access to a new medical home in the RTP area.

“We celebrate a continued investment in our employees, their health and wellbeing,” said CISCO site executive Ed Paradise.

The new site is run by UNC Healthcare physicians and staff, with technology powered by CISCO Systems.

Patients will have the ability to sign in using computer pads before they walk into a visit with their physician. The same can be done by any computer anywhere in the country.

“LifeConnections” is featured in the center of CISCO’s campus and includes a large, upgraded fitness center. Now employees can also visit for eye care, chiropractic care, massages, acupuncture, counseling and health coaching.

“One of the mainstays of a redesigned healthcare system in a population approach is a patient centered medical home, where you have a team of people trying to keep you healthy,” said WRAL Heath Team’s Dr. Allen Mask.

The concept is also used at CISCO’s facility in San Jose, California.

"It's very convenient," said Catherine Mazur, who transferred from San Jose. "I'm in the building next door and it's a one-stop shop."

It's not only an incentive designed to attract and keep the best employees, but also to keep them healthier and more productive.