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UGA bus driver arrested in campus carry mix up

Posted December 15, 2017 10:35 a.m. EST

— It's the first example of a person with a concealed carry permit getting arrested on one of Georgia's college campuses since new laws were enacted in July.

UGA student Brett Davis is seen on video getting stuffed into the back of a police car. Davis has a job driving the school's shuttle around campus, and when he's at work, it's perfectly legal for him to carry a concealed pistol.

But, if he steps into the wrong building to use the restroom, it's a different story.

An officer's body cam video shows his exchange with Davis. You can hear him explaining, "With this being a residence hall, you need to take it off your hip before you step inside."

Davis answers, "I thought this was a dining hall."

When Georgia passed the new campus carry laws, it was with a series of compromises. For example, in an athletic building, no guns are allowed, but a library is okay.

A dining hall? No problem. But bring a gun into a residence hall and you're getting arrested.

The reason why Davis was found out is because he took his gun off when he used the restroom, and left it behind in the stall. By the time he remembered 15 minutes later, it was already too late.

Someone else saw it, and called police.

For that reason, he was also charged with reckless conduct.

CBS46 spoke to Davis by phone, but he didn't want to comment for this report.