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Two local colleges share a unique bond on the baseball diamond

Posted March 3, 2018 11:13 a.m. EST

— Most pitchers and catchers share a bond but two local athletes also share a last name.

Jean-Paul Aberouette, a pitcher for the Spring Hill College Badgers.

Felix Aberouette, a catcher for the South Alabama Jags.

"Me and him are basically best friends, we do everything together," said Felix Aberouette, a South Alabama baseball player.

"The bond between us, you can't really match it I guess," said Jean-Paul Aberouette, a Spring Hill College baseball player.

Two brothers from California who's bond and love for baseball brought them to Mobile.

"We grew up playing together as kids and we always thought we want to play together for as long as we can. It got to the point where we can't play together forever so we wanted to stay close," said Felix.

Even though they play for different teams, they always help each other to be the best they can be.

"He knows me the best, he knows what I am struggling with, he is able to tell me in a way where I can fix it and make an adjustment. He makes me focus up a little more," said JP.

Just like most brothers there is always that sibling rivalry.

"I was calling a game, a pretty good game actually," said Felix.

"A couple times I have shaken him off so he will let the batter know what was coming," said JP.

"He kept shaking me off so I told what the batter what was coming and he got a double or something," said Felix.

"Let me know that you're throwing what I'm throwing," said JP.

"He came up to me and asked what happened and I said I told him it was coming," said Felix.

But no matter what, they will always be each other's biggest fan.

"He's a great older brother. Does everything I can ask for," said Felix.

"He's been my guy forever and so nothing beats that," said JP.