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Two injured in Durham shooting

Posted December 31, 2015 10:23 p.m. EST

— Durham police were investigating a shooting at a convenience store that left two people injured Thursday night.

The attack left a close-knit neighborhood wondering what happened and friends and family grateful that it wasn’t worse.

Boris Satterwhite said he was panic-stricken when police called to tell him that his older sister had been shot at the Parkview MiniMart at 433 Pilot Street.

He said that 23-year-old Surinda Satterwhite was taken to Duke Hospital with an ankle wound, but he has no idea what prompted the attack.

“My friend said he gave her a ride to the store to get something and as soon as she went in, they just started shooting around the door,” said Satterwhite.

Police said they don’t know how the shooting started either.

At least a dozen shell casings were in the grass at the edge of store’s parking lot. Store employees said the shooting started outside, then the victims and the shooters all rushed into the store.

Christopher Barbee’s 19-year-old son Adonis borrowed his car to take a friend and a baby to church. They had just pulled into the store to buy cigarettes when the shooting broke out.

“He said he heard like seven gunshots,” said Barbee. “They shot my car up. The attack blew out the back window of his car.”

Barbee said it’s a miracle his son and the baby weren’t injured.

“He’s home on leave from the Army. [He] comes home and gets shot at,” he said.

Police said they are actively investigating the incident but don't yet have a description of the attackers.