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Two families reconnect at swearing-in ceremony

It's a story of fate.

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EAST LYME, CT — It's a story of fate.

Two sets of twins became fast friends one summer more than a dozen years ago.

The boys had a lot in common. They were the same age and both identical twins and became friends at a campground in Massachusetts.

"They went everywhere. They ate together in a couple of the meals. They went swimming. They played on the teeter totter," said Kari Esposito, of East Lyme.

They formed a special connection over two weekends 14 years ago, and their moms said they meant to stay in touch.

"Back then, Facebook and social media weren't as big of a thing. I didn't have Facebook," said Carla Tillotson-Keim, of Southington.

It wasn't until this past week that the families would reconnect again, at a swearing-in ceremony.

"Fourteen or 15 years later, both of our sons got sworn in together right behind each other like. All our pictures have both of them next to each other," Tillotson-Keim said.

Both Devan and Michael are at boot camp, Devan in the U.S. Army and Michael in the U.S. Navy.

"Your kid's joining the military, there's a lot of pride that goes along with that but there's also a lot of fear and uncertainty and the day that Devon left. I was really afraid and sad," Tillotson-Keim said.

The two moms have also found they have a lot in common.

They've bonded as parents to identical twins and now as part of the military family.

An army recruiter says the boys will mature and develop leadership skills, and undoubtedly keep growing their ties.

"Camaraderie of being something bigger than just yourself. These individuals have decided to put their country before themselves," said U.S. Army recruiter Sgt. David Denmark.

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