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Turquoise promises a little 'color therapy' this spring

Posted February 18, 2010 8:45 p.m. EST

Pantone has announced that THE color for 2010 is turquoise and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As a personal image consultant, I’m always on the hunt for colors that are going to be flattering against skin tones of all hues and turquoise is one that really fits the bill.

Varying shades of turquoise don’t just flatter, but can actually intensify skin tones ranging from the palest of the pales to the deepest ebonies, making them look more luminous and lovely. Plus, it looks great whether your skin is still dull from winter or has acquired a sun-kissed glow.

Turquoise is the perfect blend of a tranquil blue and a vibrant, energetic green. This gorgeous hue inspires thoughts of escape from the chaos of everyday life while being balanced with qualities that can restore our sense of wellbeing. That’s a lot to expect from a simple color, but certainly not something to take lightly! With its ability to create positive feelings and harmony in our lives, turquoise can be just the remedy a mom needs to make it through the day.

Wearing shades of turquoise can be a wonderful way to infuse your wardrobe with color and help you to feel great, too. While the weather is still cool try a turquoise scarf around your neck to bring color to your face (if your eyes are blue or green this will really make them pop!); layer a turquoise tee under a jacket or cardigan or let a turquoise camisole peek out from under a low-cut top or dress for a pop of color.

Once the weather warms up, wear turquoise anywhere you’ll be showing off some skin; tank tops, swim suits, sundresses, sandals. I especially love this color in footwear because it’s a refreshing alternative to black and it looks so much nicer against your skin. So try a little turquoise in your wardrobe and you just may find yourself feeling like you’re on vacation!

Mary Michele Little is an image consultant and owner of One Chic Mama. She appears here on Go Ask Mom every Friday.