Turn Dinner Into an Odyssey

Posted July 31, 2018 12:05 a.m. EDT

For the month of August, Ruffian — a pencil-thin wine bar with a 19-seat counter and not much else — will take you on a voyage to the ports of call in Homer’s “Odyssey.” “We’ve had great success serving Greek wines, and we thought this would be interesting and fun,” said Moshe Schulman, an owner. Alexis Percival and Patrick Cournot, two of the owners, have selected wines from places like Crete, Turkey, the Peloponnesus, Macedonia, Sicily, Sardinia and Majorca to pour by the glass. Joe Kozlinski, the bartender, has created an alluring vermouth-based Homeric cocktail called the Wine-Dark Sea. And somehow, from their shoe-box kitchen, chefs Andy Alexandre and Josh Ochoa have managed to turn out succulent roasted lamb with a yogurt sauce, pickled tomatoes with coriander and pita dusted with lotus seeds (in homage to the Lotus-eaters) to accompany the wines. Three dishes, which serve two, cost $45.

Ruffian, 125 E. Seventh St. (Avenue A), 212-777-0855,