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Tuition increase remains a possibility for CSCU students

Posted April 30, 2018 7:27 a.m. EDT

— Students who attend schools in the Connecticut State College and Universities system could end up paying more for their education.

It's because a plan to consolidate functions was recently rejected.

The next move, however, remains unclear.

Channel 3 will be looking to ask what happens next during a speaking event with CSCU president Mark Ojakian.

Students and lawmakers told Eyewitness News that they do not want to see tuition go up across Connecticut colleges and universities.

The system serves some 55,000 students.

Ojakian said the system will run out of money in two years. That's why he sought to consolidate administrative functions at 12 colleges.

His plan was rejected last week by the Regional Accreditation Commission. It said the plan needs a study first.

However, Ojakian said there isn't time for that.

Officials will have to come up with a way to fix the CSCU's financial woes.