NC Capitol

NC Capitol

Tuesday Wrap: Fire up the rocket sled

Posted June 12, 2018 8:20 p.m. EDT

— House and Senate committees met late Tuesday as they tried to push as many pending bills through the pipeline before they end the short session later this month.

Earlier, the House completed the override of Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of the $23.9 billion state budget, and the chamber also gave final approval to the Build NC Bond Act, which would allow the state to issue up to $300 million a year in special debt to tackle more road construction projects.

A measure calling for disclosure of who paid for political ads on social media sites barely cleared the House Elections Committee amid questions over the logistics of regulating such ads.

The Senate Elections Committee passed bills to permanently move North Carolina's presidential primary from May to March and to change how people are chosen to fill vacant U.S. Senate seats.

An alcohol omnibus cleared the full Senate after provisions that would have allowed beer and wine sales on passenger ferries and in small movie theaters were stripped out. The bill also has sparked a dispute between major brewers and distributors.