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Tuesday talk: To make or buy Valentine's

Posted February 8, 2010 9:46 p.m. EST

I'm starting something new on this second week of Go Ask Mom: Tuesday talk.

Every Tuesday, come here to talk about a timely issue. Some weeks it will be important and weighty. Other weeks, like this week, not so much. I hope to spur a little discussion and friendly debate. If there's something you'd like to talk about, email me.

This week: Valentine's Day cards.

At parties in schools across the Triangle this week, toddlers and up will be exchanging sweet nothings in the form of Valentine's Day cards. Some will be of the branded variety, emblazoned with princesses or Transformers. Others will be made of construction paper and stickers. And yet others will be lovingly crafted by you ... mom.

Where do your kids' Valentine's cards fall in that spectrum?

For the last four years, I've tried a bit of everything with my daughter. She's given out Pooh cards and handmade hearts. Last year, while I was suffering from bouts of morning sickness and nearly forgot about the party, she passed out some of the old Ren and Stimpy Valentine's I found while cleaning out my childhood bedroom. This year, thanks to High Five Magazine (a favorite in my house), we'll be clipping out the free cards they always include in their February issue.