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TSA to improve training after probe reveals weapons overlooked by agents

Posted November 29, 2017 4:16 p.m. EST

— TSA representatives for Nashville International Airport say they are stepping up training for their agents after TSA failed an undercover probe at the national level.

That report shows 80-percent of weapons sent through security checkpoints during the undercover investigation were missed by TSA agents.

Today, TSA agents gave News 4's Rebecca Cardenas a look at everything surrendered at BNA security over the last three months.

"All new hires go through the same two-week basic training for TSA -- it's located in Georgia," said Mark Howell, a regional spokesperson for the TSA. "So as we get new employees, we put them through that training process and then we continuously do that training with them once they get to their home airport as well. It's a work in progress."

Officials say finding one prohibited item in your luggage can increase your wait time in the security line up to four times longer.

As the holiday season approaches, TSA is asking travelers to refresh themselves on their weapon guidelines.

Information on TSA's liquids rule and transporting firearms and ammunition can be found on their website,