Trump's attorney goes to hell in 'Saturday Night Live' cold open

Posted January 26, 2020 12:43 a.m. EST

— President Donald Trump's attorney Alan Dershowitz, played by guest star Jon Lovitz, wound up in hell during the "Saturday Night Live" cold open.

Lovitz's Dershowitz was meeting with Sens. Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) and Susan Collins (Cecily Strong) about the impeachment trial before he had a heart attack.

The scene then goes to hell, literally, where Lovitz's Dershowitz meets Satan (Kate McKinnon).

"It's freakin' Alan Dershowitz," McKinnon's Satan says hugging Lovitz's Dershowitz. "You're not even dying -- I'm gonna send you back upstairs in a minute. Honestly, I just really wanted to meet you."

"I never say this, I'm a huge fan," McKinnon's Satan continues to say while fangirling. "No seriously, you're the GOAT (greatest of all time)."

McKinnon's Satan then asks if she can record their meeting on her podcast. Lovitz's Dershowitz, confused, asks if Satan really has a podcast.

"Oh yeah, I invented them," McKinnon's Satan says.

Satan asks Lovitz's Dershowitz how he came up with the defense for Trump and if there was anyone he wouldn't represent. In the past, the real Dershowitz has defended Jeffery Epstein and OJ Simpson.

"As long as a client is famous enough to get me on TV, it's all good," Lovitz's Dershowitz says.

"If someone's not famous, that's a waste of time. I used to let nobodies into hell; now it's all influencers," McKinnon's Satan said

Satan then says some "friends" wanted to stop by and see Lovitz's Dershowitz including the fictional inventor of the "Baby Shark" song (Bowen Yang), Flo from the Progressive commercials (Heidi Gardner), Jeffrey Epstein (Adam Driver), Mark Zuckerberg (Alex Moffat) and Mr. Peanut.

"I took out a lot of first graders with peanut allergies, plus I never wore pants" Mr. Peanut said.

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