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Trump's 2018 campaign, visualized

Posted November 3, 2018 8:18 a.m. EDT

— Trump has taken his job as chief Republican campaigner seriously in 2018, attending more than 80 campaign events, including scores of fundraiser and rallies.

Placing the events on map tells the story of his involvement in the midterm. He won't be on the ballot on Tuesday, but his shadow looms large.

Here's some of what we can learn:

The 2018 battleground is Trump country -- most of Trump's rallies are in states he won in 2016 and where Democrats are defending a Senate seat this year. His most-visited states include Montana, where Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is fighting to hold on and also the rare spot where Republicans hope to pick up a House seat this year.Most of his campaign appearances in New Jersey, where he spends time at his Bedminster golf course, and in DC, were fundraisers or private dinners at his own properties, including Trump International Hotel down the street from the White House.The pace of his rallies has increased markedly in the weeks leading up to Election Day.Trump's closing argument, in Indiana and West Virginia, is in country very friendly to him and home to endangered Democrats. Saving the Senate majority is everything for Republicans right now.Minnesota stands out as a state Trump lost, but where he has still campaigned aggressively, particularly for House candidates. There are two Senate races there this year, but both lean toward Democrats, although there are some signs that Sen. Tina Smith, who was appointed to succeed Al Franken when he resigned and is now running in a special election to fill the rest of that term, could be in a somewhat tighter race against Republican Karin Housley.The largest concentration of Trump events is not in border states, but in the Rust Belt, where most of those endangered Democratic Senators are trying to hang on.