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Trump rules out DMZ as location for North Korea summit

Posted May 9, 2018 11:58 a.m. EDT

— President Donald Trump ruled out the Korean Demilitarized Zone as the site of his upcoming talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, despite his earlier insistence it would provide a fitting backdrop.

"It will not be" at the DMZ, Trump said in response to a question from reporters at the end of a Cabinet room meeting on Wednesday.

Trump said he will announce the location of the summit "within three days."

The President struck an optimistic tone about the prospects of achieving a deal, but made clear that "everything could be scuttled."

"A lot of good things could happen, a lot of bad things can happen," the President said. "I believe that both sides want to negotiate a deal. I believe we have a really good shot at it being successful."

With the DMZ out of the running, Singapore appears the most likely place for the historic meetings to convene. US officials had preferred the Southeast Asian city state for its neutrality and relative proximity to North Korea.

Trump had floated the DMZ in a tweet, asking his followers whether it would lend symbolism to the talks.

But his aides cautioned that traveling there could appear like Trump was traveling to Kim's doorstep.