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Trump is ready to move on from coronavirus

The White House's handling of the coronavirus pandemic -- and reopening the country's economy -- took center stage this week.

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Lauren Dezenski
Allison Gordon, CNN
CNN — The White House's handling of the coronavirus pandemic -- and reopening the country's economy -- took center stage this week.

The virus not only infiltrated the White House, prompting new protocols over mask-wearing and social distancing, but also Capitol Hill.

Both the House and Senate brought experts in for virtual hearings to dig into the administration's coronavirus response and just how the country can return to normal (spoiler: they said it's going to take a long time).

The nation also heard from Rick Bright, the ousted director of a crucial federal office charged with developing countermeasures to infectious diseases. Bright recalled a colorful exchange with a US based mask-producer, raising alarms about the country's troubling production capacity.

Just across the street from Congress, the Supreme Court continued to meet (virtually), this time debating President Donald Trump's tax returns. Trump's team argued for "temporary presidential immunity."

Despite it all, Trump is still eager to return to normal life. His visit to a Pennsylvania mask producer on Thursday was in his presidential capacity, but Trump's campaign is already mulling how to bring back in-person campaign rallies.

The Point: Trump is anxious to put the coronavirus pandemic behind him, but not everyone is on the same page. 


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And that was the week in 15 headlines.

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