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Trio of javelinas found on 4th floor of a condo under construction

Posted June 13, 2018 10:38 a.m. EDT

— Workers at a Fountain Hills condo construction site got quite a surprise Tuesday when they encountered a trio of furry squatters.

The three javelinas had somehow made their way up to the fourth floor of the condo complex!

When found, they were all relaxing in a corner.

Safety supervisor Bruce Lyman says some of the banging by workers may have spooked the critters and sent them scurrying up to the fourth floor.

Crews from the Arizona Game and Fish Department were able to corral the javelinas and carry them off to safer digs.

"We were able to sedate the javelina and remove them, and they're now on their way to Southwest Wildlife," said Amy Burnett with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

A javelina is also known as collared peccary. Javelinas are medium-sized animals that look similar to a wild boar. They have mainly short, coarse salt-and-pepper-colored hair, short legs and a pig-like nose.