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Triangle mom creates new line of cloth diapers

When Nora Cates started using cloth diapers with her third child, she didn't just buy them, she created new ones.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

When child No. 3 came around, Nora Cates wondered if there wasn't a better way than shelling out the cash for all those disposable diapers.

"It was very expensive," she told me (and as anyone who has purchased disposables knows).

So Cates, now a mom of four in Johnston County, started investigating cloth diapers and says she "instantly fell in love with it."

But she didn't just start using cloth diapers on her kids. She actually started a new line of cloth diapers that she calls Bum Essentials.
Cates now sells a variety of cloth diaper essentials from her website and also at Babiology, the children's consignment store in Raleigh's Five Points. They include the cloth diapers, along with inserts, diaper bags and pail liners.

My own first experience with cloth diapers was as a kid when my younger sister was born. I remember my mom hanging lines and lines of the diapers to dry. I remember all those pins and stinky diaper pails and those plastic pants.

Cloth diapering has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. These days you can get products like Cates'. She offers cloth diapers with cloth inserts, which snap in to the cloth diaper and which you take out when they get wet or dirty. You can then reuse that cloth diaper with clean inserts a couple more times before it gets dirty.

I'm a reluctant disposable diaper user with my own baby right now, so Cates let me try one of her diapers. It was simple to use and worked just like she said it would. I'm not sure I'm ready to go 100 percent disposable, but I think I might try it at least part of the time. Kaitlan of Babiology told me that she knows some moms who use disposables until their baby poops and then they switch to cloth.

If nothing else, the cost savings makes it worth considering. Cates tells me it will cost you $200 to $500 to buy a supply of cloth diapers (the variation depends on the kind of diapers you buy and the number of cute ones you want). That's a $1,500 savings per child.

Learn more about Cates and her diapers in the video. And check her blog for more information about cloth diapering.



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