Better policing. Better partnerships. Better communities.

Across Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Orange and Wake counties, Triangle J Council of Governments serves as the regional government for almost two million people, working diligently on the many challenges that local governments collectively face.

From coordinating disaster recovery and resource planning to creating plans for housing affordability and economic development, TJCOG takes pride in bringing together communities of all sizes to build the best version of the region, improving the quality of life, accessibility, and equity of those that call one of the region’s seven counties home.

High-quality law enforcement officers that reflect their community and their community’s values are integral to the success of police agencies.

In the Triangle region, recruiting new candidates to the profession that meet rigorous standards for professional and personal integrity is a goal so important that it crosses town and city lines.

Through the Regional Recruitment Partnership, a collaborative effort between Triangle J Council of Governments and law enforcement agencies spanning seven counties, departments hope to reach a broad and diverse audience with an important message: our region is committed to better partnerships, better communities, and better policing.