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Tree falls on home after strong winds blow through York County

Posted July 18, 2017 2:56 p.m. EDT

— Flash flooding and strong winds swept through York County Monday afternoon, leaving behind extensive damage.

Heavy winds caused a tree to come crashing down on one family's house on Fireside Road in York. That family was sitting in their living room when it all happened.

Nick Paduhovich said, "We heard a big crash. We came outside. Looked in the kitchen and all that. Destroyed. Completely destroyed."

His father, Nicholas Paduhovich, said, "I've never been in anything that was hit like that before. It was loud, it was quick. All I thought was just get out. Until we knew what it was, just get out."

One neighbor, Robin Sharnetzka, said it was a tree on her property that fell onto their home.

Now those neighbors are coming together to help clean up and get rid of the debris.

"We're going to help clean it up ourselves. That's what we do. We're neighbors helping neighbors," Sharnetzka said.

Heavy rain also caused flash flooding in parts of York County, with cars getting stuck on the streets of Springettsbury Township.

Nick said, "The back patio started flooding from all the rainwater. And earlier I came out to close the gate because the water was starting to get on the driveway."