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Trash to Treasures: Crafts by 96-year-old to be sold at Jackson Alive

Posted October 25, 2017 3:44 p.m. EDT

— Artwork and handicrafts by a nonagenarian are expected to be among the wares on sale Saturday during Jackson Alive.

Betty Gamble, 96, is a resident of Westbury Medical Care Home in Jackson and for years has been sewing, tatting, drawing and writing poetry. She's been a resident of Westbury for four years, and has turned her area of her room into a workshop of sorts, filled with finished dolls and pillows and materials to make many more.

Alex Bostow, who has been preaching on Sunday mornings for 18 years at Westbury, is helping Gamble bring her crafts to the public. They are calling the venture Trash to Treasures.

"This is her store," Bostow said when walking into Gamble's room earlier this month. He's helping her get a booth at Jackson Alive and has framed 40 of her paintings and drawings to sell.

Proceeds will be donated to Armed Services YMCA, he said.

Gamble is a native of Massachusetts and moved to Butts County about 15 years ago by way of Florida. Her husband's mother was ill, Gamble said, so the family moved to a home on Bucksnort Road to be closer to her.

She said working on dolls, pillows and pictures helps fill her time.

"It keeps me busy," she said. "I can't sit and do nothing. An idle mind is the devil's workshop."