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Live chat with Greg Fishel on Feb. 2, 2009.

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Live Weather Chat with Greg Fishel (02/02/2009)
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CoveritLive Close 8:00 Greg: Hello! 8:01 [Comment From Derrick A]
Will there be some snow in Johnston County 8:02 Greg: It is quite likely you will see snow falling well after midnight, but accumulations will be very light, and only on grass 8:02 [Comment From Guest]
Do you think we will have school tomorrow in raleigh 8:02 Greg: I can't speak for school administrators, but I see no reason to close or delay as roads will just be wet 8:03 [Comment From TriangleWX]
So are you thinking of a 2am to 7am type event? 8:03 Greg: I think it will all be over by 7am here in the Triangle. Maybe 2am-6am? 8:03 [Comment From Guest]
How tough is it to cover the forecast for such a wide area? 8:04 Greg: It can be very tough, and I have realized over the years that in situations where conditions vary a lot across the viewing area, the forecast will never be right everywhere. 8:06 8:07 Greg: No snow anywhere close to the Triangle yet! 8:08 [Comment From hawk_fan]
So, do you agree with Sir Wally's prediction of 6 more weeks of winter? 8:09 Greg: There are definite signs that we are not done with Winter yet. Even with the big warmup coming this weekend, late February could feature a return to wintry conditions, so yes, I agree! 8:09 [Comment From Guest]
Has the Triangle ever had significant snow after January? A neighbor told me winter was essentially over by Feb. 1. 8:10 Greg: We have had lots of big snows after January. A couple come to mind: February 18, 1979 with nearly a foot, and March 1-2, 1980 with 12 inches. Believe it or not, Elizabeth City had 2 feet with that March snow! 8:10 [Comment From Guest]
GREG We should have a chat every night! 8:11 [Comment From Derrick A]
Out the years at WRAL, what was your favorite snow event. 8:11 Greg: Has to be the 20 incher in January of 2000. That despite my preditions being way underdone! Life doesn't get any better than that day! 8:12 [Comment From yankee transplant]
Which is historically more dangerous -- wet roads or actual snow? It seems like even a bit of rain confuses some drivers. In short, am I better off staying home tomorrow? 8:12 Do you want to see more measurable snow?
Yes! ( 85% ) No ( 8% ) Depends how much ( 8% ) 8:12 8:13 Greg: Don't have stats off the top of my head, but the water on the roads should evaporate rather quickly tomorrow, so I think you can safely go whereever you please! 8:14 [Comment From Preston]
will harnett county get snow 8:14 Greg: I definitely want a lot more snow!!! 8:15 [Comment From busy mom]
Do you have kids? What do they do on snow days? 8:15 Greg: Much like Johnston Co, flakes will fall, but little will accumlate. You will have to stay up late to see those flakes! Then again, I will be on TV at 11 as the first flake of the night! 8:16 [Comment From anita]
just saying "hi" -- and how enjoyable it was to have the snow a couple of weeks ago. I'm the one who has prayed for "no" snow for the last several years. Its really been fun to be retired and wait eagerly for snow . 8:16 Greg: Yes, we have 2 boys, age 14 and 17. A couple of weeks ago, we were out playing in it during the morning. The older one prefers to spend time with his girlfiend. I feel so left out! 8:17 [Comment From eduardo]
where can I find historical weather and climate for wendell city?. I am making a science fair project, please help me..Thanks 8:17 Greg: Anita, glad to see you're a convert! 8:18 Greg: I would start wtih the NC State Climate Office. Their website is Or, you can call 919-515-3056 8:18 [Comment From TriangleWX]
What are your thoughts on the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning event? 8:19 Greg: Mixed feelings. Lighter amounts, but colder temperatures, so whatever falls has a better chance of sticking. Too early to be real specific. 8:19 [Comment From JJ]
What does the long-range trend look like for the area at the moment? Any indications of a warm February, or another possible cold weather outbreak anytime? 8:19 8:20 Greg: Big, big warmup late this week and into next week. But, there are signs that more arctic invasions are coming later in the month-stay tuned! 8:20 [Comment From Guest]
How do you calculate the precise results of a snowfall if every town gets a bit different depth? 8:21 Greg: Do you mean before the event or after? 8:21 [Comment From Guest]
After -- the total 8:22 8:22 Greg: Any map we show on the air will be smoothed, in that there are always spots that get more than others. The State Climate Office and National Weather Service keep track of a multitude of observations, but we just try to give the overall pattern of what fell. 8:23 How much snow did you get at your house during the last storm?
1-2 inches ( 8% ) 3-4 inches ( 15% ) 5-6 inches ( 31% ) Moire than 6 inches ( 46% ) 8:23 [Comment From JJ]
What's the correct way to accurately measure drifting snow? 8:24 Greg: The weather observer is instructed to find (to the extent possible) a place that is fairly well protected from the wind. Otherwise, amounts reported will be very unrepresentative. 8:25 [Comment From Derrick A]
Greg you are a great meteorologist, were and when did you decide to be one 8:26 What is the largest single snowfall event you have ever experienced?
6-12 inches ( 17% ) 13-18 inches ( 17% ) 19-24 inches ( 17% ) 25-36 inches ( 33% ) More than 36 inches ( 17% ) 8:26 Greg: Thanks! About the time I was in 7th grade, my interest in meteorology ballooned, and by the 10th grade, I was pretty sure what I wanted to do. I am so lucky in that my hobby became my profession! 8:26 [Comment From preston harnett central m]
did the groundhog see its shadow and will we have school 8:27 Greg: Yes he did, and yes you will! 8:27 John @ We're getting down to the last few minutes of questions.... 8:27 [Comment From Guest]
DO you like snow better than the other types of severe weather we have in n.c.? 8:28 [Comment From preston harnett central m]
greg i wake up every morning and watch ur show ur beast 8:28 Greg: Yes, because in most cases, it is not life threatening. Tornados and thunderstorms are fascinating, but bad things happen, such as the Kenly/Elm City event in November! 8:29 [Comment From Weather Geek]
Will you ever have a "zoomed in" Dual Doppler 5000 view of Greensboro/Guilford County in the near future for the website? 8:29 Greg: Not likely, because Greensboro is not in our market area. Sorry! 8:30 John @ Last question coming up... 8:30 [Comment From Derrick A]
Has there been any time where It has snowed and stormed in a few hours 8:31 Greg: We have had thunder and lightning with snow-doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. First time I experienced it, it was very "enlightning"! 8:31 John @ Greg. Thanks for spending time with us, especially on a busy weather night. Let's do this again! 8:31 Greg: Would love to! Take care everybody! 8:32 Would you like to chat with Greg or another meteorologist again?
Yes ( 100% ) No ( 0% ) 8:32

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