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Training for Baby: Working out while pregnant

Kathy wonders how her exercise regime will have to change once she's pregnant.

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Kathy Hanrahan
Kathy Hanrahan

I was talking to my trainer the other day about working out while pregnant. Before the rumors start, I’m not pregnant!

But I wanted to know from him what he thinks I can and can’t do when I do conceive. I will, of course, also be consulting my doctor about specific exercises like crunches. My doctor approved cardio and weight-training up to 10 pound for me when I get pregnant.

Trainer Anthony had some interesting things to say. He has had clients whose doctors say they can’t do anything while pregnant, and others who say they can do everything.

I’ve read articles that say pregnant women should:


  • Not lift more than 12 pounds
  • Avoid exercises where you are flat on your back
  • Keep your heart-rate below 140 beats
  • Avoid abdominal exercises
  • Not do exercises where you jump a lot

Did any of you follow these instructions while pregnant? What did your doctors suggest?

I am specifically concerned with the heart rate issue. My heart rate goes up when I work out, especially with cardio.

I researched this further and found an article from the Mayo Clinic where they say that the heart rate isn’t a concern for women who regularly exercise.

How did you stay fit while pregnant?

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