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Training for Baby: Weee on the Wii

Posted June 28, 2011 8:31 p.m. EDT

I don’t play Wii Fit nearly enough. When I turned on the game last week, the little animated balance board on the screen wanted to know what I’ve been doing for the past 400 days since our last session.

I wanted to tell it that I was literally working my butt off at the gym with an actual human trainer, but it didn’t seem to really care about my answer. All that little balance board character wanted to do is find out my weight, so it could tell me that I was either “OOOOObeeeese” or say “That’s overweight” when it saw my body mass index. (If you haven’t played the game, the way the character says these things is hilarious, even if the results aren’t so funny.)

This time, I wasn’t afraid for it to weight me. In fact, I welcomed it. I wanted to show that stupid balance board who was boss!

So, I let it calculate my weight. In the 400 days since I stepped on the machine, I lost 23 pounds and dropped 5 BMI points, making me – at least according to Wii Fit – “Normal.”

I celebrated my victory and clicked the button to start my Wii Fit training, only to have the batteries in the Wii remote die. Maybe that little balance board was mad I didn’t burn those calories with him….

Do you work out on the Wii or Kinect for Xbox 360? What games are great cardio burners for you?

I like “Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout” for Wii. The boxing and other exercises really get my heart rate up.

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