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Training for Baby: Location, location, location

Posted March 29, 2011 8:10 p.m. EDT

I was reading a blog entry the other day on my gym’s website that said that changing up your workout environment can help stimulate weight-loss.

The post suggests making slight modifications like altering the lighting or noise around you causes your body to react differently when performing a task. These reactions will cause your body to use muscles differently.

Another tip was combining balance exercises with your regular routines. My trainer always has me doing things like this.

Instead of just lifting 10 pound weights above my head, Trainer Anthony has me squat with one foot on a Bosu ball as I push up with each weight. This works more muscle groups and burns more calories. I hate the Bosi ball! Even doing planks on that thing is hard!

I have tried to change up my routine by trying new exercise classes and varying my times on each cardio machine I use. I have also added walks with my dog to the routine. The changes have helped get me out of a rut and shed a few pounds.

What type of changes have you made or do you plan to make to help get those calories burning?

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