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Training for Baby: Coming this fall

Kathy, our Training for Baby blogger, has some big news!

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Kathy Hanrahan
Kathy Hanrahan

The last time we spoke, I had lost 40 pounds and was ready to start trying for a baby. I focused on maintaining my weight as I navigated through the confusing world of ovulation kits and pregnancy tests.

(On a side note: I couldn’t get over how many times I had to pee on plastic strips during this process. Seriously?)

We tried for about three months, but kept getting negative tests. I was checking my ovulation, using costly kits, even refraining from eating soft cheeses or deli meat and from drinking alcohol in the weeks before we knew for sure. I would sit and wait for any sign that I could be pregnant.

But still nothing.

I guess, I thought I would be some kind of superwoman who gets pregnant immediately after stopping birth control. I have heard that it takes up to a year, but I figured they just tell you that. Most women, I was sure, got pregnant before then.

After three months of getting our hopes dashed, we decided to enter 2012 with a fresh perspective. This would be our year to start a family.

We began 2012 with a great trip to Miami for the Orange Bowl. My husband went to West Virginia University, so we try to make it to their bowl games each year. I had been noticing that I was getting a little nauseous before and after meals, but thought nothing of it. Can’t be a pregnancy symptom, no way!

Then, at the hotel, the coffee machine smelled so strong to me. I have an excellent sense of smell, so I figured it was just me being sensitive. But boy did it make me feel sick! Still, I insisted that I was not pregnant. Just another trick my body was playing on me. Another negative test would be on the way at the end of the week, I said.

My chest was a little sore and swollen, but I figured it was PMS. No way a baby was in my belly!

We had a great time at the Orange Bowl. WVU was up big (a complete shock to everyone!) at the half. Then, a few minutes into the third quarter, I felt terrible. My stomach started hurting. It felt like I had food poisoning. I had a black bean burger earlier that night, so I just thought the burger made me sick. But man, did I feel bad. I had to keep going to the bathroom and splashing water on my face. I never actually got sick, but I sure felt like death.

I refused to leave the game, because I knew my husband was having a great time. And this was a huge win. He had to stay to see them get the trophy and sing “Country Roads” (which they do after every game.)

The funny thing is, I tried to eat some nachos later in the fourth quarter and I felt great when I was eating. But when I stopped, oh it was bad!

Still, I didn’t believe I was pregnant. Although, we joked that it would be hilarious if the baby decided to make itself known during a football game. (Side note: I was craving beer that whole day! I didn’t drink, of course, but my first craving was for beer.)

I waited until the weekend and when my monthly visitor was a day or two late, I broke down and bought a test. Every month, I tried to use a different test. I figured it would bring us better luck.

Maybe it worked. The plus sign showed up within 10 seconds! There wasn’t any doubt.

My husband, who always stood outside the door when I took these tests, decided to change our luck by going to get ready for work when I took this test. I came out of the bathroom in shock and couldn’t find him!

I had to interrupt him brushing his teeth to tell him that I took the test and we were pregnant.

We hugged, smiled, then sat in shock. Finally, we were pregnant. Now, what?

We were stunned. Something we tried so hard for was finally here. We were so used to the negative tests that we didn’t know how to react.

We were overjoyed and scared to death.

Let the roller coaster begin.

Highlights from the first trimester:
Cravings: Beer, chicken tenders, mac and cheese
Aversions: Coffee (the smell killed me!), black beans

Symptoms: Sensitive nose (my new super power is smelling things from miles away), nausea, restless legs keeping me up at night, sore inflated chest

We are in the second trimester now, so I figured it was safe to let ya’ll in our little secret.

And, yes, during this time I have continued to work out. But with so many conflicting pieces of info from my doctors (one in the practice tells me I can’t get my heart rate above 140, another says I can work out as usual), I have been relegated to mostly walking. I hate not being able to jump in the air and do karate moves, but maybe the baby and I need to take it easier than that.

Kathy is editor of WRAL.com's Out & About section. Learn more about Kathy on her website. Last year, here on Go Ask Mom, Kathy chronicled her efforts to lose weight before she and her husband started a family. After taking a break for a few months, she returns today with the good news. She'll write for Go Ask Mom twice a month, appearing on Wednesday.

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