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Training for Baby: Baby crazy

Posted December 14, 2010 8:33 p.m. EST

In recent months, I have become "baby crazy."

My husband and I have always talked about starting a family, but we weren't ready yet.

But in the last six months or so, I have realized that I really want to be a mom. I see cute babies everywhere. It is kind of like this episode of "How I Met Your Mother," where Marshall and Lily see babies everywhere they go.

And it doesn't hurt that the newsroom is filled with expectant mothers.

My husband and I have set target goal for trying to get pregnant as sometime next summer, but before anything starts taking up residency in my belly, I have to make a few changes.

My gynecologist said that losing about 10 pounds before conceiving would do me some good.

I am currently about 10 pounds overweight. I call the extra pounds - the "Marriage 10." I spent so much time losing weight for the wedding that I ate everything in sight for the first month or two after the ceremony!

But before I have a baby, I want to be in the best shape of my life. I also want to have a workout routine that I can continue to do throughout pregnancy and, of course, after. 

With a goal to lose 10 pounds before baby, I joined a gym - the fabulous O2 Fitness in Raleigh!

Now, I'm on a steady diet of Zumba, kickboxing and yoga. I also work out once a week with my trainer Anthony Harold.

Anthony helped me outline a workout plan and spread out my meals into six small meals a day.

We started by talking about my goals and then my potential obstacles - one of which is a sweet tooth! My husband also craves desserts, so I needed to get him on-board with the new diet.

I'm currently learning the joys of less carbs. It isn't a pretty sight.

I look forward to sharing my journey to "train for baby" with you. Maybe we can find a way to stay fit together.

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