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Trainer who beat cancer inspires kids, patients

Posted May 16, 2018 12:35 p.m. EDT

— After beating cancer, a local trainer is now dedicating his life to motivating others and helping other cancer patients.

Jermaine Seagers lives a healthy, active lifestyle. "I was the guy who just wants to get people better, even myself."

In 2012, he combined his passion for sports and motivational speaking and created a youth training program "Work or Don't Eat".

Roderick O'Neil is one of the aspiring athletes who trains with Jermaine. "He tells me all the reps you have to do and just get better every single day," says O'Neil.

Seagers was also coaching in different valley schools. But in 2016, he was diagnosed with cancer.

"I'm thinking about worst case scenario like death. I'm thinking this is how I'm going to die."

But it didn't stop him. He documented his battle with cancer and continued to inspire others.

After being declared cancer free, in 2017, Jermaine created the Journee for Cures Foundation to support cancer patients. He immediately went back to training aspiring athletes.

Daphne Whitson-O'neil, Rodericks mother says, "That made me want him to train my son even more because of that determination."

Seagers also hosted a basketball camp where he raised money for charity and for buying healthy food baskets and journals for cancer patients.

Proving not even cancer can stop Jermaine Seagers.

"I just don't speak this work or don't eat lifestyle, I live it every day."