DOT cutting back on pothole repairs

Posted February 12, 2009 5:02 p.m. EST
Updated March 9, 2009 5:12 p.m. EDT

— It appears the economic crisis is breaking more than just the bank.

The state Department of Transportation says funding is running low and that means it has to be more selective with road-repair projects.

DOT now is repairing only potholes that are more than 1.5 inches deep or go below the first layer of pavement. DOT says it won't jeopardize safety, however, and will fix any pothole that could be hazardous.

The DOT expects the federal economic stimulus package to help pave the way for a smoother ride.

The American Society of Civil Engineers says that every dollar spent to maintain roads and highways saves $16 that taxpayers don't have to pay to repair the roads later.