DOT to spend at least $300K to reroute I-40 in Greensboro

The DOT says motorists are complaining the new route was confusing, and residents are complaining about the noise.

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The Department of Transportation is expected to spend at least an estimated $300,000 to $350,000 to reroute Interstate 40 in Greensboro back to its original location.

The DOT says the Greensboro Urban Loop, completed several years ago, was routed to comprise I-40, Interstate 73 and Interstate 85 because engineers thought it would be safer, quicker and less congested.

But motorists complained that the route is confusing (the old I-40 is not Interstate 40 Business), and residents living near the new I-40 complained of noise.

“We have reviewed this relocation plan with Greensboro’s Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and here internally,” said Transportation Division 7 Engineer Mike Mills. “We all agree that this plan will best address the future needs of the transportation system in and around Greensboro.”

The new plan consists of changing the green I-40 Business signs to blue I-40 signs, re-signing exits along I-40 and I-73 and rerouting U.S. Highway 421 to run with I-73 and parts of I-85.

The I-85 Business route and the I-85 exit signs will remain the same.

The cost to change the Greensboro signage is small in comparison with some other troubled DOT projects. A stretch of I-40 in Durham that had to be repaved because of crumbling pavement cost taxpayers close to $22 million.

And a two-mile stretch of Interstate 795 from Wilson to Goldsboro is expected to cost about $1 million to repair potholes.

Federal investigators were looking to see if the entire road needed work. That price tag could approach $7 million.

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