Morreene Road, Ramp Leading To U.S. 64 Deemed 'Rough' By WRAL Viewers

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RALEIGH, N.C. — WRAL recently asked motorists, "Where are the roughest roads in the area?" Hundreds of people responded and all this week, WRAL Trafficologist Mark Roberts is looking at the top 10 roughest roads.


Know Of Any Rough Roads, Let Us Know

Every time Layman Franklin goes on a towing run, Morreene Road is the way out. He knows every rough spot and every pothole.

"If you go down that road, if you have an open drink sitting in (your vehicle), you're going to wear it," Franklin said.

WRAL viewers were asked to submit what they thought were some of the worst roads in Wake County. Many of those complaints were about the section of Morreene Road between Highway 15-501 and Hillsborough Road in west Durham.

"Morreene Road is comparable to a war zone," one driver said. "Basically, it's pockmarked as if somebody's dropped a bomb on it."

"We're going to pave about six-tenths of a mile out there -- that worst section of Morreene Road has seen a lot of growth and development," said state Department of Transportation engineer Jon Nance. "(A lot of) folks cut through that road trying to get through to other spots, and we have some issues with some older pavement."

The State Department of Transportation said repaving on the portion of road should be complete by the end of the year.

Another rough road, according to some WRAL viewers, is the brand-new pavement on the ramp from New Hope Road to the U.S. 64 Bypass.

DOT officials said the problem was the result of a contractor who improperly installed a utility line under the road, which caused a dip in it when the pavement settled.

"We're currently talking to the contractor about that, about how to go about repairing it," Nance said. "We'll take care of that."

Nance said he hoped to have that section repaired within the next several months.