Garner Bridge Not Likely To Be Repaired Anytime Soon

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GARNER, N.C. — It's a rough ride in Garner these days on the busy Highway 50 bridge over U.S. 70. Unfortunately, state Department of Transportation officials say it is going to stay that way for months to come.

DOT officials said the 44-year-old bridge needs work. Road crews removed the top layer of pavement back in November to prepare for a complete repaving. However, they have not touched it since.

"It's horrible, especially when it's raining, it's slippery and it makes you feel like your car is sliding all over the place," said driver Lanice Washington.

DOT officials said it could take about three months to fix the bridge.

The DOT said its contractor, C.C. Mangum, tried unsuccessfully to squeeze in the bridge fix before the paving season ended.

"Unfortunately, we had an extremely cold December, which impeded the progress of the resurfacing," said DOT engineer Jeff Allen. "Hopefully, the contractor will be back out in the beginning of the spring and start right back as soon as possible."

Allen explained further that "as soon as possible" could be as late as mid-April, with about a month's worth of work to do -- much to the dismay of motorists.

"No, they need to do it now," Washington said.

Engineers admit January was warm, but with an unpredictable February, they cannot work on it right now.

The DOT says it will listen to complaints about road conditions at Highways 50 and 70. To register a complaint, motorists are urged to call

(919) 733-4768



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