New Road Signs Designed To Give Heads-Up To Drivers

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Crews recently installed new warning signs at 150 Raleigh intersections citywide. The new signs are designed to make driving safer.

Supplemental plates spell out which road is coming up ahead.

"The idea behind this is to give the motorist an idea so they can make a maneuver. Do they get in the left lane or to the right lane for a turn?" said Raleigh transportation engineer Mike Kennon.

Some critics have questioned the cost, and some do not like more roadside clutter. The city said cost is minimal. The new signs go up on existing signal ahead signs. Plus, they are paid for out of the regular sign maintenance budget.

Opinions over the new signs have been mixed.

"They have it here and it's helpful. It helps you to keep from braking at the last minute and causing an accident, so it's really helpful," driver Erica Stephens said.

"I like the warnings and I don't see any problem it would cause, so anything that could make driving a little safer, I'm for it," driver Terry Pope said.

"[It's] too close. I think they need to put it further down the road there," driver Greg Waddle said. "Most people don't even pay attention to it when they get up to it because they've already passed it and then when they get past it, they're already at the green light."

"I think it would be hard to prove that it's going to reduce accidents, but I can tell you that in the 20 years I've been doing traffic engineering work, this program has received the most positive comments I've ever gotten," Kennon said.

Cary has used the intersection warning signs for years and traffic engineers said they have been a great success.


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