Residents Claim Fuquay-Varina Median Creates More Harm Than Help

Posted July 27, 2005 2:03 a.m. EDT

— One Fuquay-Varina subdivision does not have any outlets, but that does not matter to some drivers. Residents said motorists are using the quiet road as a turnaround.

Mary Watson's house is the first one on the street at the Sexton Place subdivision. The 84-year-old said people were pulling in her driveway to turn around at all hours of the night, so she took matters into her own hands.

Watson's grandson installed a chain shortly after DOT installed a median on Purfoy Road at the intersection of Highway 401.

"It's aggravating," she said.

The state said the priority is to keep traffic flowing in the area, but some argue too many exits and entrances at the one spot make it too dangerous.

The median now forces you to enter Sexton Village from Highway 401. You can no longer take a left off of Purfoy, so drivers are going up to Watson's neighborhood to turn around. Many are even doing U-Turns in the middle of the road, despite a posted sign that said "No U-Turns allowed."

Fuquay-Varina Town Manager Andy Hedrick hopes the problem will dissipate once drivers make the mistake once.

"I'm confident that people turning around in driveways that this is not their preferred method of doing this and they will learn another route," he said.

The town plans to build a back road to connect the shopping centers, which leaders hope will also help. The state Department of Transportation has asked Fuquay-Varina to look more closely at access management in future development.