Durham Woman Fed Up Over I-85 Construction

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Lori Kath
RALEIGH, N.C. — Road construction in yards makes most people mad, but one woman claims construction crews are starting to cross the line.

Lori Kath lives a noise wall away from the I-85 construction project in Durham. Aside from a protruding manhole and torn-up grass, she has to deal with problems with gravel.

"This gravel is expensive. They replaced it with that cheap junk over there where they tore up my yard and left the holes," she said. "I hate that gravel. They need to come get that and put back what I paid for."

Kath said there are days when she comes home and finds road workers on her backsteps leaving trash and beer bottles sitting around.

Engineers with the state Department of Transportation said in reference to the complaints that they are not sitting around.

"We're definitely going to lower the manhole, so that nobody hits it," DOT engineer Noah Barnhill said. "Then, we will dress up the stone, the gravel in here that's been moved around from driving on it. We'll definitely do that."

Barnhill said he told workers to stay off Kath's steps and put their trash in trash cans. Still, Kath said living next to I-85 construction is a rough road.

"They have got no respect for people's property," she said.

Kath said she is worried a spray that contractors used to clean the noise wall would harm her dog. The DOT said it is a harmless mixture of soap and water and will not harm pets.


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