Motorists Urged To Slow Down Near Cary Schools

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Cary School Sign
CARY, N.C. — Most people know they are supposed to slow down in a school zone, but they do not always do it. Cary police will be out in force to remind them.

After a serious accident involving a

Cary High School

student in 2003, Cary police, the school district, the town and the state started looking at ways to improve safety.

"When you're trying to cross in the crosswalk, a lot of people don't want to slow down or stop really," student Elizabeth Boutross said. "That's not very safe. They have the crosswalk here for a reason."

Police are in place at eight Cary schools, ready to stop those who ignore speed limit signs.

"Today is the first day the students are back after Christmas break. Schools are pretty much in session until the kids get out at the end of the year unless you are in a year-round school system," said Cary police Sgt. Joe Clifton. "We just ask that they pay attention to the signs, the time that is on the signs and that they please slow down."

Some schools have also included safety measures such as larger crosswalks, fences that force people to cross at crosswalks and orange flags on top of the speed limit signs to draw attention to them.

"I think, sometimes, we need the police to enforce those regulations to remind traffic that they need to stop when anyone is in the crosswalk on either side," Cary High School principal David Coley said.

If you are stopped, it can cost you up to $125 and two points on your license. Most of the enforcement will be before and after school.


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