Right-On-Red Violators Upset With Cary Camera

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CARY, N.C. — The red-light camera at High House Road and Prestonwood Parkway is one of Cary's busiest red-light camera, dishing out more violations than the town's other five cameras combined. All those violations have some people in the area seeing red.

In August, 308 people received red-light citations from the camera, of which 75 percent were drivers coming into Prestonwood who turned right on red without stopping.

"Stop citing people for failure to turn right on red properly. Sure, they're violating the law, but there has never been a pedestrian or vehicle collision at that corner," Prestonwood homeowner Clint DeGabrielle said.

DeGabrielle said there is a reason it is the only place in town Cary goes after right turn on red.

"It's a revenue-driven system. You're going to get the most revenue from that location, so that's why you get the most citations," DeGabrielle said.

Cary police have received 100 complaints about the Prestonwood red light citations, but they are making no excuses.

"It's absurd for anyone to think that it's OK to not stop at a red light. Whether you're going straight, whether you're turning right, whether you're turning left, you have a red light at an intersection, you're supposed to stop," deputy police chief Pat Bazemore said.

"There's no question it's against the law, but let's do it equally throughout all of the locations and let's put cameras at the most accident-prone locations," DeGabrielle said.

Cary backs its red light camera program and said more cameras are coming. The homeowners said they plan to take their red light camera complaints to the mayor and town council.