Temporary Ramp Closures In Effect Near Streets At Southpoint

Posted September 13, 2004 10:19 a.m. EDT

— The State Department of Transportation is scheduled to open the Interstate 40 ramps for Exit 274 (Highway 751) on Monday, Sept. 13, but the DOT will be temporarily closing the on-ramp to I-40 eastbound from Fayetteville Road at exit 276.

Motorists can get to the Streets at Southpoint using any highway exit, but to leave via eastbound on I-40, drivers must use Renaissance Parkway to Highway 751 to I-40 eastbound.

There will be signs clearly posted directing drivers at all of the Streets at Southpoint exits to assist them in getting back on to I-40.

DOT officials estimate that the eastbound I-40 on-ramp will be closed for a period up to 50 days.