Cary Seen As Hot Spot For Red-Light Camera Violators

Posted July 15, 2004 5:18 a.m. EDT

— Officials say Cary has some of the worst red-light violators. The high amount of violations has police seeing red.

"We've had a lot more violations than we would have ever thought. We were very surprised," said Chris Davis, of the Cary Police Department.

Since Cary put up its first red-light camera exactly five months ago, the town has issued more than 3,500 citations -- an average of 26 per day. On some days, officials said the town has handed out as many as 100 red-light violations.

"It's just people not being aware of their surroundings when they're driving," said Chris Davis, of the Cary Police Department. "[They're] in a hurry to get back and forth to work, to pick up the kids, got to get to the mall and back -- this kind of thing and just really not watching what they're doing."

Cary's red-light cameras also record speed. One driver zipped through a 45-mph intersection at 68 mph. Some town leaders want state lawmakers to let Cary nab speeders and red-light runners with cameras.

With eight red-light cameras, Raleigh averages about 40 tickets a day. Cary eventually plans to install 15 cameras across town. Raleigh wants 21 cameras. The fine at both places is $50.