DOT Wants More Cameras, Message Boards At I-40/I-95 Interchange

Posted July 8, 2004 3:54 a.m. EDT

— The

N.C. Department of Transporation

wants to provide more information for motorists who travel on the Interstate 40-Interstate 95 interchange.

Under the proposed plan, microwave vehicle detectors would be built to provide real-time information about how fast traffic is moving. The DOT's Web site would calculate the average speed of motorists. Drivers could log on if the traffic is at a standstill, and they could choose a different route before getting on the road.

Traffic cameras are in the works, so motorists can find how traffic is flowing in the area. Traffic alert radio stations like 1640 AM are also on the way.

Officials also want to establish six message boards that would notify drivers about potential AMBER alerts or coastal evacuations.

The project would cost about $1 million, but DOT officials believe it is worth the price.

"With all that stuff put into place, you could alert the motorists much quicker and you are talking thousands and thousands of motorists an hour in this location, so in my opinion, it is worth the money," DOT engineer Brian Purvis said.

Bessie Tart said it is time for a fresh approach at Interstates 40 and 95.

"It might help. You can never tell for sure. It's worth a try, I guess," she said.

The state Board of Transportation is looking over the plans for the improvements at the I-40/I-95 interchange. If approved, it could take about a year for officials to establish the improvements.