N.C. Lawmaker Wants To Crack Down On Officers Speeding In Non-Emergencies

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Most people expect law officers to floor it when they are in hot pursuit, but what about when the officer is not in a chase or not running down a suspect or not in an emergency?

State Rep. Paul Luebke, D-Durham, thinks there should be a law against officers speeding in non-emergencies.

"There's a lot of concern expressed to me by constituents of law enforcement officers who are speeding by them at well...speeding by them, considerably above the limit and there's no evidence that the constituent can find that anyone's being pursued," he said.

Luebke says his Speeding By Law Enforcement Officers bill simply levels the playing field, making officers abide by the same laws as everyone else when the blue lights are off.

"I think if they're not in an emergency situation, they ought to be made to drive just like we're expected to on the roads and abide by the same laws that we do," motorist Williams Poe said.

"I think we have too much regulation to begin with and the last thing we need are legislators getting involved in the day-to-day activity of law enforcement," motorist David Williams said.

The state Highway Patrol says its troopers are already covered by existing law when they are not in pursuit. However, the patrol says its legal team is looking over the legislation and is preparing an official response.

Raleigh police say the proposed law would only re-affirm their policy. The bill has just been sent to a committee. Debate should begin within the next two weeks.


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