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Town to beef up police presence near schools

Posted August 21, 2010 8:48 p.m. EDT

School starts Wednesday across the region. And at least one local police department will be stepping up enforcement of traffic laws around schools.

In Cary, drivers should expect to see an increased police presence near all 30 schools in the town limits, along with safety messages on the towns message signs. It's part of Cary's annual back-to-school traffic safety campaign called School's In, Speed's Out. It runs Wednesday through Sept. 10.

According to a news release, there were 229 traffic stops yielding 165 citations, during last year's campaign. Of those, 130 were for speeding in school zones.

So here's a reminder to pay attention to those school zone speed limit signs you might have been ignoring all summer. And, just for kicks, here's a link to the rules on when you need to stop when you approach a stopped school bus.

The N.C. School Bus Safety website also offers lots of other information on school bus safety for parents, kids and others. It's worth checking out.

Here's hoping for a safe year for everybody.